Faymonville MULTIMAX PLUS Range

The MultiMAX Plus is a universally usable low loader that has been optimised for different transport tasks in the European area.

The MultiMAX Plus is based on 2 to 4 axles and can be extended (single telescoping).

Due to its low dead weight and low structure, the MultiMAX Plus enables pan-European transport tasks to be accomplished with payloads of up to 26 tons while adhering to national regulations for normal freight traffic within 40/44 tons.

The MultiMAX Plus is designed for a maximum payload of 32 tons within a combination weight of up to 48 tons.

With a fifth wheel load of 18t, the gooseneck is available in 150mm or 220mm construction height. Loading height is a constant issue in the transport sector. The MultiMAX Plus is available with 760mm, 860mm or 890mm loading height.

Suspension and steering

The MultiMAX Plus is equipped with pneumatic suspension. Either friction steered axles or hydraulic knuckle-steering axles are used for steering.

Equipment & accessories

MultiMAX Plus can be tailored individually to the transport requirements. The equipment options include:

  • Ramp systems
  • Extendable
  • Wheel & excavator troughs
  • Hydraulically lift- and lowerable platform
  • Gratings cover for the work platform transport or wooden floor for construction machinery.
  • Outriggers

Areas of use

Its ultra-light construction makes the Faymonville MultiMAX Plus a particularly agile and versatile semi low loader. Haulage companies that undertake not only special transport but also carry normal freight (e.g. on the return journey) get a vehicle that is optimised for flexibility and economy in the MultiMAX Plus.

The MultiMAX Plus is suitable among other things for the pan-EU transport of:

  • Lighter construction machines (excavation and road construction),
  • Lifting vehicles (lifting platforms, fork-lift trucks, ...),
  • Containers,
  • Bulky goods, long materials and other heavy loads
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