Faymonville TELEMAX Range

Due to its extending loading platform, the TeleMAX flatbed semi-trailer is ideally suited for the transport of particularly long or bulky loads.

Its lightweight design, its greater steering angle and the low loading platform height additionally guarantees optimum manoeuvrability with the highest possible payload.

The TeleMAX therefore fulfils all conditions for the time-efficient and cost-effective transportation of long or bulky goods for example; wind power plants or building structures.

Suspension and steering

The TeleMAX can be equipped with either hydraulic or pneumatic suspension.

Various axle steering systems can be used:

  • Rigid axles
  • Friction-steered axles
  • Knuckle-steering (hydraulic) axles
  • Pendle axles

Equipment & accessories

TeleMAX can be tailored individually to the transport requirements.

Here are just a few of the options available:

  • Extendable up to 4 x (telescoping)
  • Cranked loading platform
  • Electric and hydraulic system adapted to the North American DOT Standards.
  • Fifth wheel heights to suit tractor units with very low design (height of 950 mm)
  • Hydraulic suspension with roller foot
  • Hydraulic gooseneck
  • Stanchion posts...

Areas of use

The Faymonville TeleMAX semi-trailer is suitable for the transportation of the following goods:

  • Wind power plants (tower segments, rotor or turbine blades)
  • Structural elements (steel and concrete elements)
  • Roof constructions
  • Bridge elements
  • Other bulky goods and long material

For more details of the Faymonville range please visit the manufacturers website at www.faymonville.com  or contact us at sales@ashbournetruckcentre.com for further details of any of our new stock.

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